Aggregates for the smaller projects

If you are a small builder, keen on gardening, DIY enthusiast or a novice just starting your first project we have the materials to get the job started...

Decorative shingles to transform any garden design, a drive or path and water features.

Building sands for laying paviours, patios, play areas - to mixing mortar for construction projects.

In our Landscape Options there are a range of products that will help complete and enhance your garden or landscaping projects.

The Construction aggregates are mostly the materials that are not seen! But help form the strong foundations that will sustain the project you do see!

Click through the various categories to see the full range. If there is something you like but would like to see before you buy, then we will be happy to send you a sample (small charge is required, which is fully refundable on your first order).

There is an easy to use volume calculator for working out required quantities, plus a reliable delivery service to your door.

At The Sand & Gravel Co. we pride ourselves on the service and quality of product we offer. You will receive confirmation of orders, be able to track your delivery and be assured of a highly secure payment system.

All you have to do now is place an order and in a few working days your material will be on its way, ready for you to start, or maybe complete your project.