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Granite Dust 0-4mm

Perfect for achieving a compacted surface layer ready to receive products such as artificial grass/turf and block paving. It's also suitable for blinding Type 1 to give a smoother surface.

Granite dust is commonly to create stable and aesthetically pleasing pathways and walkways in gardens and outdoor spaces. Granite dust can be used as a surface material for driveways, providing a durable, compacted surface that can withstand vehicle traffic. It can be added to soil in gardening and landscaping to improve drainage and provide essential minerals. For decorative purposes, it is able to create borders, define garden features and act as a decorative top layer in flower beds.

Due to its versatility and strength, granite dust can be used as a surface material for playground surfacing and horse arenas. This is due to its well-draining surface and ability to withstand heavy footfall. 

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Product Details

Product Granite 0-4mm

ColourGranite 0-4mm in grey

UsageGranite dust is most commonly used for its strength and durability as walkways, play areas and beneath artificial grass/turf

Coveragecoverage is 2 tonne per m3

Coverage at a depth of 25mm
10 Small Bags (23kg each) covers: 5.41m2
1 Bulk Bag (850kg) covers: 20.00m2

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3 Bags £495.00

4 Bags £660.00

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9 Bags £1,485.00

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